VisionLCInstall v1.4.1

13 March 2024

  • Fixed an issue when capturing audio that could result in empty audio buffers being returned to an application.
  • Fixed some problems that could cause instability when closing windows.
  • Fixed a bug with the Vision Config tool that resulted in an incorrect vertical sync polarity value being set in the EDID.
  • Fixed an issue that crashed the Vision Config tool when switching from custom timings to CVT or GTF timings that had an out-of-range pixel clock.
  • Fixed an issue with the analogue audio module.
  • VHDL Flash Versions
    • VisionLC-HD, VisionLC-SDI and VisionLC-HD2 – Rev59.0 16th April 2017


The drivers included in this package support 64-bit versions of the following operating systems:

  • Windowsยฎ 11
  • Windowsยฎ 10
  • Windowsยฎ Server 2019