VisionInstall v7.29.0

28 June 2024

  • Added functionality to the VisionIO-XD2 that enables an application to write
    an image directly to the overlay rather than through the RGBEASY API. This enables
    technologies such as Cuda to be used to accelerate the transfer of the overlay image
    to the capture card.
  • Added the functionality to the VisionIO-XD2 that enables the overlay to be
    specified as an 8-bit colour lookup table (CLUT).
  • Fixed a system crash when setting a custom resolution in OBS Studio.
  • Fix a problem with RPC introduced by a Windows Update KB5036892 / KB5034441.
  • VHDL Flash Versions
    • VisionSC-S2 – Rev66 21st March 2022
    • VisionSC-UHD2 – Rev66 21st March 2022
    • VisionSC-HD4+ – Rev63 27th June 2019
    • VisionSC-DP2 – Rev64 15th May 2021
    • VisionSC-SDI4 – Rev64 14th May 2021
    • VisionIO-SDI4 – Rev61 3rd September 2018
    • VisionIO-XD2 – Rev69 26th May 2024
    • VisionHD2-SQX, VisionHD4, VisionAV, VisionAVHD, VisionAVSDI, VisionDVI-DL, VisionSDI2, VisionRGB-E1, VisionRGB-E1S, VisionRGB-E2, VisionRGB-E2S, VisionSD4+1, VisionSD4+1S and VisionSD8 – Rev58.0 8th May 2017


The drivers included in this package support 64 bit versions of the following operating systems:

  • Windowsยฎ 11
  • Windowsยฎ 10
  • Windowsยฎ Server 2019