DriverInstall v6.4.3

9 May 2023


  • UDP Multicast encoded stream support including HDCP and encryption.
  • Decryption/HDCP support in SQX stream decodes.
  • Basic support for ONVIF discovery.
  • Improvements and bug fixes to SQX decodes including 60fps decodes, cropping, load balancing and decode rate management.


  • Image4K/Image2K
    • Fixed a problem with the HD-Split of outputs when they are spread across Windows monitors.
  • All graphics products
    • Fixed some problems with the display of transparent windows that could cause the video capture to flicker or appear incorrectly.
    • Fixed a problem in RGBEASY OSD which meant it would not always appear.
    • Fixed some problems that could cause instability in DWM.

Please see the Release Notes for the full list of changes and further information, including the FAQ and Errata.