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Important Notice - Please read carefully before installing

Please read the following instructions to ensure a successful installation:

  • A license number is required to complete installation. Please contact us if you require further assistance, additional licenses, or for a free trial.
  • It is recommended that the installation of the Quant Configuration Server is carried out by your Quant Administrator.
  • After the Quant Configuration Server installation is completed, please follow the Quick Start Guide to create Quant Users.
  • If you are installing Quant for the first time, please read the Quick Start Guide and follow the on-screen wizard, as a full setup is required.
  • If you wish to install an updated version and have previously installed the Quant Configuration Server, full setup is not required but you must ensure to select the updated version in the Admin settings.


New Quant Features - Configuration Server runs as a Windows Service

The following features are available in Quant v4.3.3:

  • The Quant Configuration Server now runs as a Windows service, which means no user has to remain logged into the machine for the server to function.